Removing the Cyber Police Virus!  

If you are reading this, then you are probably accessing this information from an uninfected computer (such as lap top or smart phone) because your current computer is locked by the Cyber Police Virus. Or perhaps you got lucky and your computer did happen to boot up. This nasty virus is also called Ransomware. If your computer has been infected by the Cyber Police Virus, do not be alarmed. This virus is a scam. The police are not after you, nor has your computer been locked by your internet provider. Do not pay the "so called fine" to have the virus removed as instructed by the Cyber Police pop up!

The Cyber Police Virus is one of the most shocking viruses on the web because it strikes fear in heart of the infected computer owner. This can lead to irrational and uninformed decisions about how to remove the virus. In most cases, the Trojan.Ransomware virus totally locks your computer, rendering the user helpless if they do not have access to a second computer or a smart phone.  It is similar to FBI Moneypak Virus.

If you cannot access your computer, then restart windows in Safe Mode with Safe Networking.
In the future, protect from viruses with the Spam Free Search Engine.

Safe Mode is accessible when you continually press the F8 key on reboot.

If 'Safe Mode with Safe Networking' does not work, then try Safe Mode with System Prompt.

cyber police virus

Now you are ready to following the instructions available to remove the Cyber Police Virus (Ransomware).

For instructions or technical help, visit YooSecurity

For easy removal scan your computer with Malwarebytes®

A little more information about our experience with Yoo Security.  For those who are not
technically inclined, you may want to consider hiring Yoo Security to remotely rid your
computer of the Cyber Police Virus or the
FBI Moneypak Virus. For a one time fee, you
will receive step by step instructions of how to allow Yoo Security to quickly and safely
remove the virus and all remnants there of.  

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